Sensorium @ Kravets|Wehby

Opening Saturday, January 16th, 2016 
Aya Uekawa
Asad Fauwell                                                  
Ben Edwards 
Michael Bevilacqua
Michael Van Den Besselaar
Matthew F. Fisher
Tom Sanford
James Busby 

The Kravets Wehby Gallery is pleased to announce Sensorium, a winter group exhibition opening on Saturday, January 16 with a reception for the artists from 6 – 8pm and running through through February 20. 

Incorporating different materials, techniques, and processes these eight artists work perforate the gallery space and form a sensorium for the viewer; an all out assault on the senses.  Aya Uekawa’swork reflects a push/pull between her two identities, Asad Faulwell uses colorful mixed media to create allegory on Middle Eastern women’s rights, Ben Edwards’ employs his hallmark vivid color planes and actract fractured imagery. Michael Bevilacqua uses symbols, patterns and words inspired by musical references and Michael Van Den Besselaar continues his use of hyper-realistic, abstract American iconography.  Matthew F. Fisher’s work is marked by dreamy abstraction with visual imagery of the land, sea and sky and Tom Sanford’s still life painting depicts his trademark “image fiction”. James Busby’s intuititve work rely’s on the relationship between shape, surface and reflective light.

For more information please call the gallery at (212) 352- 2238 or email

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