© Michael van den Besselaar

The Incomplete @ Galerie Richard

a groupshow with artists from the Neumann family collection curated by Hubert Neumann.
An exhibition of monumental proprtions. Not only it regroups works by some of the best contemporary artists of the last two decades, but it also attemts to provide a new way to look at art and its history. enjoy!

Nina Chanel ABNEY / Michael BEVILACQUA / Michael van den BESSELAAR / Ashley BICKERTON / James BUSBY / Sydney CHASTAIN-CHAPMAN / Justin CRAUN / Devon COSTELLO / Benjamin EDWARDS / Jeff ELROD / Manuel ESNOZ / Wendell GLADSTONE / Ridley HOWARD / Chris JOHANSON / Karen KILIMNIK / JP MUNRO / Stan NARTEN / Eric PARKER / Charlie ROBERTS / Matthew RONAY / Justin SAMSON / Tom SANFORD / Christian SCHUMANN / John SIMON / Aya UEKAWA / Meyer VAISMAN / Xavier VEILHAN / Kelli WILLIAMS